Javelina are some of our favorite animals to observe in the backyard habitat. While they resemble a pig and are distantly related, the Javelina is classified as a Collared Peccary. They often appear outside our fence in their large family group of six or more.

Within the Javelina family, there is a definite hierarchy with the alpha male as the dominating member. This hierarchy is apparent when it comes to food. If food is found the alpha Javelina gets first dibs.

It is amusing to watch how they get into skirmishes over food, particularly the younger adults, since they are on the leftovers end of the pecking order. However, there appears to be an exception for the babies. If the babies are hungry, they can help themselves to whatever the alpha is eating without any consequence.

We have observed a lot of love in Javelina families. They will cuddle with each other, scratch one another, and roam together. Javelina also fiercely protect their babies, which do not stray too far from their mother. In this video, look for the two Javelina babies nursing – something you do not see very often.