Can you find the rattlesnake in the picture below?

rattlesnake hiding by rock

Rattlesnakes are excellent at camouflage and they blend in so well with the desert scenery. This picture was taken by Mom in our front yard this morning. It was originally nestled under a birdbath and my Mom did not spot it right away.

Usually, my Mom is pretty good at spotting snakes. However, today she let her guard down because it is September and now cooler (99 degrees, considered cool for Arizona). My Mom figured the snakes would be preparing for hibernation and less active. Today reminded all of us that when it comes to rattlesnakes you must always watch your step in the front and backyard habitat.

Here is another picture of the rattlesnake. This is the spot where my Mom initially found him. Fortunately, knock on wood, I have not had any encounters with rattlesnakes in our yard. During the Spring and Summer months, my parents always check the yard first and then let us out - escorted with a flashlight at night.

rattlesnake near rock

On the other hand, my Mom has had too many close encounters with rattlesnakes. I will be writing more about her encounters in a special blog post coming soon - which will also contain some interesting video footage that we captured of the rattlesnakes. We look forward to sharing our observation of rattlesnakes with you.

SNEAK PREVIEW: Rattlesnakes are quite docile. Yes, they have a mean bite if you should be unlucky to step on or threaten them. However, they are creatures that deserve our respect because they do so much good for our ecosystem.

Here is a video of the rattlesnake in our habitat this morning.