People often ask me, Mabel, how did you get your idea for your blog? My answer is simple, my love for nature and wildlife.

However, the idea for showcasing the videos and pics of wildlife from my Backyard Habitat began many years ago all because my Mom thought she saw a mountain lion walk by our gate. My Mom bought her first trail cam in 2012 and placed it on the gate. Through the lens of this sole camera, we were both amazed at all the wild visitors that walked by our gate. It was then that Mom and I knew we had to share the recordings of these wonderful wildlife interactions to educate people about the desert environment. Thus, was born.

So our hobby of recording wildlife begain with one camera and expanded to now 8 WiFi cameras around our Backyard Habitat. By the way, we are still waiting to capture recordings of that elusive mountain lion.

For something different, we decided to ressurect the Trail Cam and place it out in the wash, which is outside our backyard gate. This video is a compilation of pics and videos over three different days. Enjoy the view!