In our Backyard Habitat, we have a Bridge. It is a decorative feature that enhances our rock yard. It is also functional because it may be walked on.

The Bridge attracts a lot of traffic. Squirrels use it for their scampering antics. Birds love to frolic on it. Lambchop and I like to trot across it.

When Mom first intalled the Bridge, she noticed that the surroundings were quite barren and did not provide adequate cover for the animals who may cross it - as seen in one of the pictures used in the video. Because COVER is an essential element of any Backyard Habitat, we planted some bushes around the Bridge. The animals now have a place to "duck" if a Hawk should target them. Undeneath the Bridge also provides "quick getaway" cover as well as a habitat for smaller critters like reptiles, toads, and insects.

Any Bridge serves as a connection. For me, the Bridge connects me with my Backyard Habitat and reminds me of my love for connecting with nature.

"We build too many walls and not enough bridges"
Isaac Newton