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bobcat caught on camera

Pic of Bobcat Visiting Our Backyard Habitat

The Hunting and Trapping of Wild Cats

Today’s issue involves my relatives, the wild cats, which include mountain lions, bobcats, lynx, ocelots, and jaguars.

As my sister Mabel has previously addressed, ecocide, or the destruction of our ecosystem and its organisms and habitats, is contributing to massive species die off. Many scientist are referring to this as the 6th Mass Extinction.

Per the World Wildlife fund, the earth has lost half its wildlife within the past 40 years. Human actions continue to threaten wildlife through destroying or encroaching upon their habitats AND exploiting (hunting, trapping, fishing, etc) them in unsustainable ways.

My wild cat cousins are targets of exploitation and habitat destruction/encroachment in Arizona and throughout the US. My other wildlife friends including foxes, bears, coyotes, and wolves, are in the same boat (and sadly, it is not a magical ark). In Arizona, the trophy hunting of mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, coyotes, and bears is legal. The barbaric and cruel trapping of these animals is also legal.

I’m a domestic, indoor cat. My purpose in life is companionship. I provide love and happiness to my family members, especially my mom. My wildlife friends have a different purpose, they are predators. We need them to keep our ecosystem in balance so that together we may survive and thrive. They also deserve the peace of mind not to be viciously hunted or trapped!

On Wednesday it was announced that California has banned fur trapping to help protect bobcats, gray fox, beaver, coyotes, badger, and mink. On Thursday, Arizona announced its ban on contests involving the killing of wildlife - which is wonderful news but very sad that such a law is needed.

We are moving in the right direction to help and protect our wildlife. However, we must DO MORE to ensure the survival of wild cats and all wildlife. I encourage you to stand up and ROAR on behalf of nature and support the wonderful organizations below that are working to defend our wildlife. Thank you!


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🐸 Center for Biological Diversity
🐗 Defenders of Wildlife
🐻 Western Watershed Project
🐺 Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center