Mabel wearing Vikings Football Gear!

"SKOL" is a word commonly used by Scandinavians to toast one's good health and happiness, similar to the use of the word "cheers". Some say it originated from the Vikings whom roamed Europe during the Middle Ages. The Vikings supposedly used it as part of their battle cry to encourage onward victory.

Currently, Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old from Sweden, is receiving a lot of well deserved attention globally for her efforts in creating a greater awareness about climate change and the effects of ecocide. She is empowering and compelling young people - all of us - to demand action by their governments to take critical action on saving our planet.

SKOL to Greta and all the young people whom are awakening others to protect, preserve, and save our environment.

We must also thank the countless people from around the world who have dedicated their lives to helping our planet and wildlife. SKOL to the all scientists, educators, lawyers, public servants, advocates, protesters, donors, and advocates - whom work on behalf of and support Mother Earth - you are nature's heroes and we are forever grateful.

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