Today is Friday, September 13. Some people are superstitious and believe that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. A black cat crossing your path is another superstition that some believe may be unlucky.

As a German Shepherd dog, I am naturally cautious and for this reason many things cause me to be skittish. However, one thing I do not fear are silly superstitions, especially those involving black cats.

For this reason, I dedicate today's post to my black cat sibling, Kit-Kat for teaching me how to overcome my fear of those who may be different from me.

As I have mentioned, I have three siblings - Kit-Kat, Tabby, and Lambchop. I love my family. While they are all special, Kit-Kat is truly one of a kind.

I was a rescue when my Mom adopted me. My dog mother and father lived outside so I was born in a yard. As a puppy, I did not know cats existed until my adopted Mom brought me to my new home. When I met Kit-Kat, who is five years older than me, I did not know what to think. He was a different color than me, a different species, and he didn't talk like me - he meows.

I have since heard stories that dogs and cats do not always get along - something I do not understand. From day one, Kit-Kat did not see me as a German Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix of a dog, he saw me as his brother. Even though I was a dog, Kit-Kat never feared me and only embraced me with love.

At night, Kit-Kat does not sleep on my Mom's bed like Tabby; instead, he sleeps with the dogs and on top of my crate. In fact, Kit-Kat spends most of his waking hours with me and Lambchop.

I am so glad that I did not have some silly preconceived notions that black cats were bad because I may have missed out on a great and everlasting friendship.

If you should have a black cat cross your path, consider yourself like me, one lucky dog!

Black Cat Crossing in front of you