Thanks to all who voted. And the Winner is. . . . . Mabel and Her Bee Costume. Donations will be sent to all organizations as indicated, with an extra donation going to Mabel's charity, GREENPEACE.

My siblings and I are getting very excited because Halloween will soon be here. This year, as part of our Halloween celebration, my siblings and I are dressing in costumes of animals/insects beneficial to our ecosystems. We are also each representing an environmental organization that helps these wild creature.

Because we have been such good sports in donning these costumes, my Mom will be donating $15 to each of these organizations.

Help us choose which one of us is wearing the BEST COSTUME and my Mom will provide an additional $15 donation to the organization represented by the winner.
Please vote by November 3, midnight

THANK YOU for voting and caring for nature!.

🎃Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!👻

If you would like to learn more about the wonderful work of these reputable *environmental organizations OR join us in donating to them, please visit their websites by clicking their name below. Thank you for supporting wildlife!

*NOTE: The organizations are all 501(c)(3) non-profits.