When we created our backyard habitat, our goal was to help wildlife flourish. Some of the visitors that we knew we could easily attract were the birds, including: Cardinals, Sparrows, Quail, Roadrunners, Verdins, Hummingbirds, Thrashers, Woodpeckers, Towhees, and many more.

I, along with Tabby and my Mom, have enjoyed countless hours watching the birds feed, hydrate, and play. We have observed them grow from chick to adult. We have witnessed their interactions as mates and as families. They have brought us so much joy and amusement as they flutter about the yard. The birds have truly filled our lives with their songs.

Today, my Mom informed about me some sad bird news. The Journal of Science recently published a study citing that birds have declined by 29% since 1970, that is equivalent of over 3 billion birds lost.

As stewards of the earth, it is our responsibility to nurture nature. One way we can take care of the birds is to offer them a welcoming habitat. No matter where you live, you can support birds and wildlife in many ways.

One of the simplest ways to welcome feathered friends is with a hummingbird feeder. Birdbaths are another easy attractant. In Arizona, like everyone, birds need a water source. In our yard, we have several birdbaths for our feathery friends to hydrate and bathe.

We are in the process of developing a page called Tips, Tidbits, and Tails where we will share more information on how to create a backyard habitat as well as many ways to nurture nature.

Until then, I hope you continue to love nature as much as me because IT IS for the birds as well as all other wildlife, and even us.