My name is Mabel and I am addicted to chasing balls, frisbees, and yes, I confess, rabbits and squirrels, too!

Our backyard habitat attracts many visitors - birds, butterflies, bees, and of course, some of my favorites, rabbits and squirrels. It is a chaser’s DREAM come true.

However, Mom says N-O! to chasing my cat siblings AND any creatures in the backyard. She often lectures me on how the wild creatures struggle to survive in the harsh desert ecosystem, where they face hot temperatures, lack of water, and many predators, including humans.

Mom also reminds me that the rabbits and squirrels are constantly being chased by their predators - the hawks, coyotes, and bobcats - and therefore, I do not need to add any more stress to their lives.

However, the canine voice in me is constantly telling me to chase, chase, and chase. I would never hurt any of my friends that I chase, I just love to watch them run. Can I help it if I enjoy doing the bunny hop with actual rabbits - as in, watching them hop, hop, hop away from me.

But I digress. . .

I know Mom is right (as always!). Our backyard habitat is a welcoming and safe place for all our visitors. Moreover, it is so important to be kind to all animals. Through kindness, compassion, and understanding, we can coexist in peace together.

So for now, as I sit by the patio door and watch the rabbits and squirrels play, I will just DREAM. . . . DREAMING about the day that Mom is not watching me so that I can chase rabbits and the squirrels, errrr I mean, balls and frisbees.