I have many funny animal encounters captured by camera that I am looking forward to share. This one is amusing because it involves a feral cat and the Desert Sonoran Toad, which is poisonous to touch.

You could say that this cat and toad have a toxic relationship. No doubt, the cat wants to eat the toad or, at a minimum, play with it. If that happened, in order to protect himself, the toad would secrete toxins that may be deadly to the cat. Thus, they could never really be friends.

I am pleased to report they both survived their encounter that night and parted as good acquaintances.

FYI: Desert Sonoran Toads are carnivores and can have voracious appetites. These toads are a terrific desert garden friend because they have a diverse diet including insects, spiders, snails, beetles, grasshoppers, and mice. They may also eat small snakes, lizards, and other toads.